New Releases for 2015:

Naledi’s 2015 bridal releases are the creations of newly appointed head of design, Laurence Bruyninckx. Though now based in Antwerp, Belgium, Bruyninckx spent her childhood living overseas in Africa, India, and the United States – an experience that greatly influenced her aesthetic. Her designs display a broad sensibility, ranging from the delicate beauty of the floral kingdom to the bold look of modern architecture.

Our new releases represent this award-winning designer’s reflections on the natural and artisanal elements that were such a significant part of her life of travel. Laurence’s awards for jewelry design in 2014 included the American Gem Trade Association’s “Spectrum Award” & The Platinum Guild’s “Editors Choice Award for Design Innovation”.

Naledi Smart Kiosk

New in 2015: Ringfinder language support for French and Spanish.

The Naledi Collection Smart Bridal Kiosk is a customizable engagement ring display with integrated technology that is both familiar and relevant to Millennial customers. It allows customers to try on rings, do research, share favorites with family and friends, and to have the information readily available to them when they leave the store via the app on their mobile phones. The kiosk comes as part of entire system designed to keep costs low while expanding the selection of rings jewelers can offer in their stores.

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Social Media Advertising

To help create brand awareness and keep you connected with your customers, The Naledi Collection bridal marketing system includes a collection of content marketing assets. These assets are creative, engaging, easy to share, and can be used across all media platforms. These resources include a fully-managed Facebook marketing program designed to engage potential local customers and deliver powerful shopping experiences.

Each independent jeweler is also provided with a personalized landing page on, which, when combined with RingFinder Ads, becomes an effective way to stay connected with your customers. In addition, real-time performance data and actionable metrics allow you to make informed business decisions.

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New! Naledi Lifetime Warranty Program

Launching in 2015: The Naledi Lifetime Warranty and Sales Incentive Program. Now every time your customer registers their purchase your associate will receive an incentive. Stop by our booth to learn more.

New! View Individual Diamonds in 3D with Sarine Loupe

New in 2015: See individual preset live center diamonds in astonishing detail from any computer or mobile device with Sarine Loupe. Stop by our booth to learn more.

Moving forward with bridal means thinking differently…

…Thinking differently means finding new and better solutions for your marketing challenges. The Naledi Collection’s bridal program is all about thinking differently and doing things better.

Naledi understands that selling to today’s Millennials poses significant challenges. Millennials are uniquely difficult to market to and even harder to keep engaged. That’s why we’ve created a comprehensive program that’s totally different from anything that’s been tried before and that’s already proving to be highly successful for independent jewelers wanting to increase their profile and effectiveness in the marketplace.

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