A Shopping Experience Like No Other: Naledi Smart Kiosk

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No doubt about it — Millennials are all about a shopping experience that empowers them to make informed and considered purchasing decisions in a way that is accessible and convenient.

The Naledi Smart Bridal Kiosk gives them everything they’re looking for: easy and immediate access to expert information, the ability to search for and view rings wherever they are, and an in-store experience that allows them to try rings on independently in a no-hassle, low-pressure environment.

Naledi’s innovative and expansive package of multi-platform marketing resources gives jewelers all the tools they need to provide Millennials with exactly the kind of unique shopping experience they’re after.

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What Our Jewelers Are Saying…

“We are extremely pleased with our customer interest and response with the Naledi kiosk. It attracts customers of every age and spending demographic. The kiosk itself has a clean design that looks great on our selling floor.

“The Naledi team is incredibly accommodating and has come through for us time and time again in regard to rush orders or customization. It feels good to work with a company who cares about our customers as much as we do.”

Annie Andreoni Kovath,
Store Manager

Lux Bond and Green

“We feel our kiosk has given us back our bridal future.”

Jaclyn Iden, Sales Manager

Marks Jewelers

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