IGC Brand Services released a new version of its popular bridal app today.

Users will now be able to download the latest version by accessing the App Store directly from their mobile devices & selecting RingFinder from the update tab.

Sales associates can now enjoy significant new capabilities with this latest App release. Associates are always needing to know which settings will accommodate various center shapes & sizes. Now sales associates will be able to show customers with one tap of a button.

More about the new release features:

1. Your new enhanced search capabilities go beyond limiting the ring display to only rings for certain center shapes, you can further limit the ring display to only certain carat weights, price points as well as rings that came with a matching band.

2. The main display screen is also enhanced to make it easier for associates to see at glance a ring’s name, price point & whether a matching band is available without having to conduct any additional effort.

3. The final refinement is a piece counter so that you always have a reference point as to what percentage of the collection is currently being displayed.

For all intents & purposes RingFinder is the only App that has the functionality & ease to be used in a jewelry store. As opposed to all other Apps it allows the display of up to 15 rings at one time making it the fastest & most efficient mobile tool for the sales professional today.