“In the late summer Sorg Jewelers commenced their RingFinder movie theater advertising campaign & the results have exceeded all expectations & not just in terms of sales, foot traffic is way up & the sales team is excited & motivated again” according to Darin Sorg.

“Young consumers are very much into the latest technology & the App experience both in & out store has made us more relevant to a lot more bridal customers. Because of these results, we have introduced RingFinder Billboard, Bridal magazine ads & will shortly be starting the TV commercial campaign. We also decided to replace our holiday advertising with the RingFinder campaign” added Darin.

“The IGC Brands team insisted that we:

  1. Expand our in-store bridal collection & we took full advantage of their sales samples to make the numbers work.
  2. Improve our website links to make it easy for consumers to find the App & browse the collection on www.sagems.com if they had an android phone.
  3. Empower our sales teams with the latest technology. Even though some of our team was quite intimidated they now enjoy & appreciate its power as a selling tool.

Had we not done this I doubt we would have experienced the results we did”.

Interested in learning more – Darin Sorg can be reached at dsorg@sorgjewelers.com or by phone at 574-294-5406.