Here are the benefits RingFinder will bring to your bridal business:

1. Sales Associates that are more professional & empowered.

Many consumers have instant access to information via their mobile devices. In this environment it is not longer practical or sufficient to rely on monthly or quarterly sales training to empower your sales teams. They need to be able to access the latest product information at a moments notice. Our RingFinder App & iPad makes that possible.

RF converts your Ipad to much more than an electronic product catalog, it will give your team the ability to instantly connect customers with product images & information. Customers can now browse or search the entire collection in stunning detail not just whats in the showcase. Associates can now figure the cost to include a center diamond of the customer’s choice instantly. Having diamonds retail priced for immediate access in 15000 different size & quality combinations in multiple currencies,  makes sales presentations more professional & more effective. Rather than try & get customers back after you have found a diamond you can now close them immediately.

2. A New Business Channel

RingFinder gives you the tools to engage the customers on their mobile devices now. Customers often find the engagement ring buying process intimidating. The App makes it is so easy & fun. We also make it easy to connect with your store via placing a call right from their device or by using the device for directions. Mobile consumers represent a significant opportunity for jewelers as virtually everyone has a mobile & they spend more time on their devices than any other media.

3. Apple

Invented the medium & Apps approved to run on their devices offer significant advantages over traditional websites. App technology is free & extremely reliable. Apps like RingFinder are designed & approved for mobile use by Apple so they offer users faster service, a better visual experience & more responsive inter-connectivity. Apps don’t require an Internet connection to work & are therefore more mobile & user friendly than web-links. Best of all your bridal customers already know how to download RF on the App Store. RF can be accessed in over 140 countries world-wide.

Join without having to fund or upgrade your website or pay any monthly web-hosting fees. Take advantage of a new & larger audience since so many more customers are using their mobile devices to stay connected.

4. RingFinder:

RingFinder (RF) represents the best mobile solution for the independent jeweler because it is one of the popular bridal Apps on the App Store & it has been independently rated by the App Advisor as the essential bridal App for those wishing to shop for an engagement ring; ahead of both the Tiffany & Blue Nile App.

RF is approved for use on the iPad, iPhone & iPod touch.

5. Professional Advertising:

We have prepared professional advertising to introduce your community to this terrific resource. This saves you time & money.


What You Get

Core inventory of popular engagement rings and matching bands

Free iPad loaded up with the RingFinder App


Professional Advertising Campaign


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