On becoming a certified member of the RJC….

We believe advancing socially responsible business practices in the jewelry industry is not just the right thing to do; it is probably essential if we are to maintain consumer confidence in our industry’s products. Furthermore we see no place for complacency in a world where consumers are becoming better informed & more aware of our industry & the world around them.

Who are the RJC & what is their mission?

The Responsible Jewelry Council is made up of over 300 members who are concerned about the future integrity of the industry & its products. Members comprise many leaders in mining, retail, NGO’s, Trade Organizations from around the world.

The RJC is based in London & its mission is “to advance responsible ethical, social & environmental business practices which respect human rights throughout the diamond & gold jewelry supply chain from mine to retail”.

The RJC has designed a series of guidelines covering mining & manufacturing practices, health & safety of employees, remuneration & human rights, systems to ensure product integrity & security as well as compliance with industry guidelines such as the Kimberley Process & local government laws such as those covering anti-money laundering regulations.

Certified members have to demonstrate compliance with RJC guidelines through regular audits by an accredited, independent auditor. IGC Brand Services is a certified member of the RJC.

To learn more about the RJC please click here.

Why is this important to your business?

Your reputation & integrity counts among your most valuable assets & despite the fact that it may take generations to build, a single misstep could destroy it. Any supplier is a potential source of embarrassment for you. As a certified RJC member we pose substantially less risk of embarrassment to our business partners.

While consumers rarely ask they almost always assume that their jewelers run ethical & responsible businesses. A certified RJC member is far better equipped to provide assistance if required. For those socially concerned consumers you may encounter, our credentials & business practices can of course make all the difference in making the sale.

Are you aware that?

IGC Brand Services offers the industry’s only diamond supply chain verification program available to the independent jeweler covering the mining & manufacturing of its diamonds. Jewelers are able to meet Botswana government officials; DeBeers mine officials, management & staff of IGC’s Gaborone, Botswana diamond cutting facility. When asked our jewelers are able to talk to consumers with confidence about the integrity of their diamonds supply chain because they have seen it for themselves!

Our jewelers & their customers are active participants along with IGC Brands in giving

back to communities in the developing world through its long standing association with Global Giving.  To learn more about these programs & global giving click here.



IGC Brand Services uses the latest technology that includes mobile Apps, online invoicing & payment systems that dramatically reduce the carbon footprint of our business.

While the industry is still coming to terms with the threat synthetic diamonds pose to the natural diamond supply chain, IGC Brand Services has two patents pending with the USPTO that will effectively address these problems for its business partners.

IGC Brand Services is currently 1 of only 6 RJC USA based certified jewelry manufacturers.