The Consumer’s Communicator of Choice:

Not just for emails – but accessing websites as well.

Consumers today already spend more time on their mobile devices than any other media. Having an App like RingFinder offers consumers a better, more meaningful experience over traditional websites that are not designed for the small smartphone screens.

Unlike traditional websites – Apps are fully mobile. Do not require continuous Internet connectivity making them faster. Jeweler’s do not have to invest in expensive technology or incur monthly fees to take advantage of the robust Apple technology powering the App.

A Robust Mobile Strategy – Simply Essential for your Business Health.

The speed & scale of the mobile adoption rate has been breathtaking. In little more than 5 years in excess of 70% of consumers use their mobile for online research, exceeding both the Internet & Personal Computer “Revolutions”.

Even technology giants such as Facebook have been taken by surprised as more & more consumers access Facebook using their smartphones, the company has yet to figure out how to place income generating advertising on the smaller screens. This has been sited as a major concern for investors & Facebook has lost 50% of its market capitalization within 90 days of its listing.

Don’t make the same mistake!

Test drive your website using a smartphone so that you can see first hand what your consumers experience.  Not pleased?

Consider joining RingFinder & start tapping into the huge iPhone & Ipad community.