While there are no shortage of evolving uses such as mobile wallets that are destined to dramatically alter our daily lives, Time recently devoted an entire issue to the mobile phenomenon & its  impact. Here are some interesting excerpts.









Most Popular Uses for Mobile Device














Mobile Internet2
Built in Camera3
Social Networking5
Mobile Games6
How Has Mobile Affected You%
Made me feel safer80%
Improved life50%
Given me access to  more customers50%
Distracted me40%
Better balance in my life40%
How often do you check your device
More than every 30 mins37%
Several times an hour17%
Few times a day40%
Where is your mobile device when you sleep
Next to my bed68%
First thing I check in the morning30%
Multi Tasking: How often do you use your mobile
While watching TV61%
Attending a party37%
On public transport36%
Playing with children36%
Watching a movie8%
Age Appropriate for children13 years
Has it made the USA more efficient to do business?